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2009-08-06 13:08:28 by Sairon

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2010-05-19 11:44:51

Okay, uh, completely off topic but, I noticed it says right here in your userpage: "I also do a lot of sword and gun training . (if you have a question on various weapons, just ask me)"
I have a question then: Do you also train with double ended katana? They are like staffs with blades on the edges.

Sairon responds:

I don't prefer the dual ended katana as it's kinda awkward to wield, As much as I love the katana if I wanted a dual weapon like that I would prefer a katar or a shaolin spade. Due to the size of the tsuka/hilt on a dual katana I wouldn't prefer it, for me there just isn't enough hand space to twirl and complete fast movements, now lets say that the tsuka/hilt is bigger I may contemplate using it.


2010-05-22 13:56:53

It sounds like a challenge to wield that thing. I've been thinking lately if a person could build two katana that could be joined into one big dual sword staff.
Well, anyway, thanks for answering me.

Sairon responds:

No prob, building a connector for two katana would be simple, and anything is possible to wield with practice.