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uh yeah

Well the style of characters are intiresing I would like to see more of that. The whole premise of the story is weird, that some how hudge boners can cause explosions. The only thing that I really did like was the artwork. I think it could have been longer (no pun intended) and with more story as to why humans are so weird.


I had wished it had gone longer, like he went to school or something to fix that problem, but whatever. Maybe a sequel? Anyways kind of similar to superbad, but good all the same.

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Very reminiscent of the Madness series, but still original, although also like the SOB arena game. Nice little short, some good action. Perhaps in the future less similar people of the opposition, more then one sprite is always nice when legions come forth. There were some nice points like when the one green gets splattered on the cactus. However a big quam is your use of text, perhaps get a more adept English linguistic to help you, or just post in a language we can't understand. Anyways great short, hope to see more soon.

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Very nice!

This game is great fun, I wish it had more levels, perhpas where you could control more then just the fate of the hero's armament. Like if you had to go out and find things, like a platformer. Other then that it flowed nicely, the gamplay was tough but doable, and the music was a perfect choice. The little blurbs that the characters had to add was enjoyable and fun. All around great game, original and not frustrating. Great job.

Not long enough

The logic in this game is weird, improbbible with some of the actions, but anyways other then that a good game, I think it could have done with more interactions, like say with other characters, and the levels being longer. On top of the fact I felt almost sucked out of a good game when it ended, much too short, you guys should make a longer more improved version.

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This game is fun but weird

had me swearing at the screen many times, very frusrating at some points, but still intiresting enough to keep me playing. A massive problem is the settings table doesn't work, you click the stuff and when you un pause ti all reverts, for me anyways.

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Very nice

I do wish it were a wee bit longer as in three minutes :P. Anyways very catchy, and a good soothing tune.

Intiresting song

One of the few times I don't absolutly hate autotune. They lyrics are very truthfull lol, I'm sure mario gets very mad at me when again he dies.

MashedByMachines responds:

Actually its not autotune, even if it sounds like it. Its a synthetized voice created using a talkbox and a vocoder, the effect is about the same though :)


A very intirestign song, sounds like a f-zero style song with nes and electric guitars. Very nice job, faved.

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MashedByMachines responds:

Thanks! I take much inspiration from games such as f-zero :)

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Intiresting, but some major flaws

Unless this was intentional, I'd say you need to remember your anatomy. The right hand is indeed a left, the thumb is where the pinky should be. Also her right thigh is a little funky, it seems to buldge a wee bit when it meets the hip. Lastly the pinky on the right hand sorta disapears, either that or it's stuby.

However these little mistakes, this cameo or what have you is very well done. The design and emroidery on the lassies dress is very good. The hair is a little bland, almost too cartoony, but it flows very well and I suppose matches the style. Nice picture, I look forward to more of your art.

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In simple terms I'm a major nerd. I love hacking with my PC to see what I can get into. I train in MMA, and I also do various training with weapons. (if you have questions in this area, perhaps I could help). I am also currently learning how to free run.

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